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Assistants, Trainees, and Jr. Stylist Program

We couldn’t possibly make your visit so sweet without the incredible support staff that we have! We are a teaching salon, which means our assistants and Junior Stylist Trainees are constantly learning to improve their skills in order to move up in their careers and become one of our talented stylists.

You may notice that we will sometimes have our trainees applying glazes, touch-ups, doing blowouts, and other services as part of their training. They practice these techniques on mannequins, friends, coworkers, and volunteers until their skills reach a certain level before working on actual clients.


To find out more about our assistant and Jr Stylist Trainee program, read more below!


Having a teaching salon is of great importance to Robin, who takes advanced education in this industry very seriously. Most cosmetologists that start working in our salon right out of school spend several months perfecting their shampoo and scalp massage skills, all while helping to keep the salon clean and our clients happy with a beverage and magazine! They also learn everything they need to know about running the front desk, answering phones, booking appointments properly, and attend regular trainings on everything our salon has to offer including product knowledge, cutting, coloring, and styling.

The first 3-6 months of their career here is focused on learning our culture. Learning our customer service skills, teamwork, focus on education, going above and beyond, and immersing ourselves in our careers and focus on advancing our crafts. During this time they also learn styling techniques, and relearn all of the basics so they don’t create any bad habits along the way.

After about 6 months the assistants can begin learning how to apply glazes, toners, and Robin’s very specific touch-up application technique, which she learned during her years as an educator for Wella. They also learn our famous Candy Blowout, along with other blow dry methods.

Depending on the skill level and advancement of the individual assistant, they can then move up to the status of being a Junior Stylist Trainee. It takes approximately 12 months to reach this level and this is what we consider to be the most crucial level for really making it in this very competitive industry! This is the level where you either “make it or break it”. A lot of new stylists get frustrated and impatient during this phase of their career. They are tired of being an assistant and think they are ready to move behind the chair and start working on clients. Far too often, they leave the salon where they’ve been an assistant to become a stylist at a lower-end salon, and never quite acquire the same level of training and skills that are necessary to take their career to the highest level.

During the Jr Stylist phase, they not only continue their cutting, coloring, and styling training, they also learn the art of “Finishing”. This is what separates a fully trained stylist from an amateur. Just to show a few examples, these are styles done by lesser trained stylists, followed by images done by more advanced trained stylists.

A good blowout:


The first image shows our famous “Candy Blowout”, which our salon has received extensive accolades on!. The second image shows a blowout from curly to straight, without the use of a flat iron, and the third image is the Candy blowout without the use of a curling iron. Yes, it does take advanced skills and training to do a proper blowout. This is called “finishing”. It is that extra step of polishing that makes a style finished!

We may sometimes hire stylists that have a lot of experience from other salons, that are required to take a step back and be a Jr Stylist Trainee for a period of time until we know that they have received all of the skills and training that we require in order for them to be a stylist at Head Candy. Regardless of experience or the amount of clientele they may have, every stylist here goes through the same mandatory advanced education!

Now that we have aligned as an Arrojo Ambassador salon, our advanced education and standards are going to be even more amazing! We have exclusive access to the highest level of education in the country and can pass that along to our employees, making them the best hairdressers in the entire region! Its the perfect partnership of brands and the best alignment of cultures!

To become part of the amazing team at Head Candy, please email bring your resume and sample portfolio in Tuesday-Friday between 10-6.