Fall Haircolor Trend Inspirations


Autumn has arrived and is bringing its best – beautiful trees, clear blue skies, and pumpkin spice everything! Here at Salon Head Candy we are inspired by so many elements of the fall, from the stunning sunsets to the crunch of leaves under our boots. We see so much gorgeous color leave the salon and our stylists want to let you in on what’s hot for this season!

The emphasis from several stylists has been on utilizing your natural texture to its’ fullest. Robin is loving messy twists that work with that texture – knots and chignons especially for that “undone” style. Jamie and Robin both note that lived-in, comfortable color is very popular; auburn, strawberry blonde, and rooted caramel has been in high demand.
Alexis and Kristen observe muted tones being requested from clients – soft violet and sandy beige. Whether a fashion or standard color, soft subtle tones are great this time of year; they evoke the fall sky at dusk or the supple shades of morning sun. Alexis says she is very inspired by the autumn sky, the way the colors blend delicately, flowing from diffused to saturated. And if you are looking for a more bold and dramatic look, Kristen suggests our Hotheads extensions which can be custom colored to create striking dimension in the hair.


If drama is what you crave, try the latest creation from Tina – an “oil slick” color combo which pairs all-over black with pops of neon yellow, green, purple, and pink. Upping the surprise factor is a structured cut – any movement in the straight lines reveals a sneak peak of color. Tina and Jamie both note that angled cuts works well with color blocking – the movement of the color plays off the controlled shape of the cut. And if you prefer natural tones but still want something special, Robin suggests ashy gray blondes or super gold blondes – nothing neutral. As she says, “Why be neutral when you can have more fun?”!
Rianna suggests warming up your brunette locks with plum, crimson, cinnamon, and maple to give gorgeous dimension and shine, a sentiment echoed by Ami. She loves the glint of deep jewel colors with a dark base peeking out from under a cozy hat. Blondes have no fear – Rianna says her lighter clients often feel they “should” go dark for the fall but she says toning the hair with a cooler hue will breathe new life into your style.


Even if you don’t color your hair, fall is a great time to refresh and repair bring your summer-drenched natural tresses.

Tronisha says the key is moisture and protein (please note, protein usage should be limited as too much can cause breakage). Shampoo hair with a clarifier then generously apply Arrojo Hair Repair Masque; cover the hair and let process for twenty minutes (apply heat if hair is truly damaged). Rinse, apply leave-in, and style as usual and your hair will be soft, supple, and ready to brave the dropping temperature.

Whether you want a drastic change or a tonal shift to make your color pop again, fall is the perfect time to try something new. Come visit us at Salon Head Candy and let us bring your locks back to life!