Flavor of the Month!

For March our Flavor of the Month is the amazing Whipped Treatment by Arrojo!

Long-lasting, color-saving, treatment conditioner that preserves shine, luster, and the tone of applied hair colors. Using a medley of rejuvenating natural ingredients, it is exceedingly kind to hair, making it softer, stronger, thicker, fuller. Great for needy hair types, and those that like a weekly treat.


Key ingredients:

Olive Oil
Shea Butter
Hydrolyzed Keratin
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract
We love this treatment not only for it’s moisturizing qualities, but it also helps to preserve your color longer!

In stock now at just $26!

A Day Devoted to Multiple Sclerosis

A day of celebration, empathy and gratitude…


Robin and Nick


On October 29th, Salon Head Candy held a very special two-fold event: It was our first Cut-A-Thon for Multiple Sclerosis and it was the re-launch of our salon joining forces with celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo to become part of a prestigious group and be an Arrojo Ambassador.


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, unpredictable disease in which the body’s immune system attacks it’s own central nervous system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The immune system attacks myelin- the substance that surrounds and insulates the nerve fibers- as well as the nerve fibers themselves, and forms scar tissue (sclerosis). When any part of the myelin or nerve fiber is damaged or destroyed, nerve impulses traveling to and from the brain and spinal cord are distorted or interrupted. MS can cause many symptoms, including blurred vision, vertigo, loss of balance, poor coordination, slurred speech, tremors, numbness, extreme fatigue, problems with memory and concentration, paralysis, blindness, depression, and more. These problems may come and go or they may persist and worsen over time. Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 30 and 40. The disease is thought to be triggered in a genetically susceptible individual by a combination of one or more environmental factors.



Robin3The Delaware Valley MS Society sent us a handpicked list of people living with MS and we began the day with free makeovers and “before and after” photos. Our owner, Robin Dorton, lives with MS and it was so important to her, and to us, that we use this event to raise as much money and awareness as possible. Besides the free makeovers, we also scheduled some of our salon regulars for cuts and blowouts with 100% of the proceeds being donated.
You may have heard the saying “everyone knows someone with MS” and that really is the unfortunate truth. More than 2.3 million people are living with MS worldwide. Meeting people whose lives have been reshaped by this illness was humbling; despite incredible odds, everyone we met that day was in great spirits, and a few were happy to speak with us and let us know how they approach each day with positivity and gratitude.



Kristen, 32, was diagnosed at 27, while in grad school. She describes the pain she felt as a “pinched nerve” and chalked it up to a heavy book-bag and stress. She was eventually diagnosed over the phone after several visits to Rutgers, and she says that having MS is both “a blessing and a curse.” Since the disease was identified, she has adopted a healthier way of life – she goes for long bike rides and eats much healthier. She has completed her Doctorate in Chemistry and found great success with medicine in a pill form versus an injectable. She says that these days she is steadier and her routine is working for her. Kristen is already cute as a button so it didn’t take a drastic cut to perk her up! We just shortened her bangs for a more youthful appearance and softened up her layers to add more movement without taking off too much length. She has beautiful hair and such a positive personality and we loved spending the day with her!




We also spoke to Sandy, who was diagnosed in 1999 following a series of bad headaches and dizzy spells; she underwent three MRI-s, a neurological scan, and a spinal tap before being told she had MS. She has suffered with chronic fatigue and memory loss but maintains her sense of humor; her son, who accompanied her to her free makeover, joked that driving with her now is an adventure! Despite having to leave her job of 27 years, Sandy said that since she found a medication that works for her, most days are good and that since her diagnosis she has really focused on her quality of life. We loved being able to give Sandy this great new cut with long layers to add volume and softness around her face, while putting the personality into her hair that’s a better match for her light-hearted spirit!



Maxine told us about her unique experience with MS: In 1988, she experienced a bevy of symptoms including numbness, itching, and one eye becoming darker than the other. However, in a week, all of these disappeared and her concerns were dismissed after tests came back with no concrete diagnosis. It wasn’t until the mid-2000’s that she began to experience symptoms again, including loss of balance and clumsiness. Again, tests were run and this time, they showed MS, but Maxine has not let that stop her. She says her approach to life is to “play her hand with grace and dignity” and, despite retiring only a month ago, she has remained active in her community and volunteers at a crisis hotline.
She was diagnosed in 2000, when she was working in a casino as a banquet server. She said that one day her balance just changed; she described this feeling as having “marbles under her feet.” On New Year’s Eve in 1999, her body completely locked up while she was working, and she lost feeling in her legs shortly thereafter; since that time, she has been in a wheelchair. It was a few years later that a specialist “un-diagnosed” her MS, but a subsequent spinal tap showed the disease to be still present; after a decade of trying new meds and dealing with the side effects, she is finally on a prescription that works for her. Maxine told us that she does not let MS control her life, and she does what she can to fight for others impacted by the disease, including fighting for a New Jersey state law to prevent the abuse of placards that allow disabled drivers to park in designated spaces. She says, “if I can make a change, that’s the reason I was given MS.” Maxine didn’t want a haircut the day she came to visit but we decided to pamper her anyway and gave her a free shampoo, scalp massage and blowout!



Here’s the lovely Nancy. When we got word that Nancy was coming in to get her hair done for the first time in over 10 years due to her mobility issues, we knew that there was a reason we were meant to do these makeovers. She called ahead of time to make sure that our salon is wheelchair accessible and we assured her that she was coming to the right place with nothing to worry about. We cut a few inches off her length to get rid of the tired ends, added some soft, low-maintenace long layers, and fixed up her bangs to make them even. We also made sure that after a 10 year wait she not only received an amazing haircut, but got the star treatment with a full makeup application so that she left feeling as beautiful on the outside as she truly is on the inside!


Everyone who participated in our Cut-A-Thon thanked us for shining a spotlight on Multiple Sclerosis; however, it’s really us who want to thank them – for their bravery, for their candor, and for showing us that life doesn’t stop with a diagnosis!


Once the Cut-A-Thon was completed, we were ready to party! Friends, family, and clients filled the salon as we waited for Nick Arrojo to arrive – and, once he did, the fun really started. He graciously took photos with everyone and helped us raffle off baskets containing everything from a collection of his Shine Luxe products to a movie night basket that included candy, popcorn, and DVDs.


The true highlight of the evening, however, was the impromptu haircut he did on a client that wore orange in support of MS! In 20 minutes he turned a head of tired, frizzy curls into a short, bouncy cut full of movement of shine. Clearly, Arrojo is at home in front of a crowd, playing to the audience and making jokes, all while breathing new life into the head of hair before him. We at Heady Candy are truly grateful for the opportunity to be an Arrojo Ambassador salon and look forward to everything we will accomplish with the support of this new partnership.

October 29th was a long and emotional day; from meeting some wonderful people living and thriving despite MS and being able to pamper them with makeovers, to celebrating our relaunch as an Arrojo Ambassador salon. It was a wonderful day of empathy and appreciation, gratitude and celebration.



To every person that participated in any capacity, you have my sincerest gratitude and you’ll never know how much it truly meant to me that you were there that day. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. — Robin

Fall Haircolor Trend Inspirations


Autumn has arrived and is bringing its best – beautiful trees, clear blue skies, and pumpkin spice everything! Here at Salon Head Candy we are inspired by so many elements of the fall, from the stunning sunsets to the crunch of leaves under our boots. We see so much gorgeous color leave the salon and our stylists want to let you in on what’s hot for this season!

The emphasis from several stylists has been on utilizing your natural texture to its’ fullest. Robin is loving messy twists that work with that texture – knots and chignons especially for that “undone” style. Jamie and Robin both note that lived-in, comfortable color is very popular; auburn, strawberry blonde, and rooted caramel has been in high demand.
Alexis and Kristen observe muted tones being requested from clients – soft violet and sandy beige. Whether a fashion or standard color, soft subtle tones are great this time of year; they evoke the fall sky at dusk or the supple shades of morning sun. Alexis says she is very inspired by the autumn sky, the way the colors blend delicately, flowing from diffused to saturated. And if you are looking for a more bold and dramatic look, Kristen suggests our Hotheads extensions which can be custom colored to create striking dimension in the hair.


If drama is what you crave, try the latest creation from Tina – an “oil slick” color combo which pairs all-over black with pops of neon yellow, green, purple, and pink. Upping the surprise factor is a structured cut – any movement in the straight lines reveals a sneak peak of color. Tina and Jamie both note that angled cuts works well with color blocking – the movement of the color plays off the controlled shape of the cut. And if you prefer natural tones but still want something special, Robin suggests ashy gray blondes or super gold blondes – nothing neutral. As she says, “Why be neutral when you can have more fun?”!
Rianna suggests warming up your brunette locks with plum, crimson, cinnamon, and maple to give gorgeous dimension and shine, a sentiment echoed by Ami. She loves the glint of deep jewel colors with a dark base peeking out from under a cozy hat. Blondes have no fear – Rianna says her lighter clients often feel they “should” go dark for the fall but she says toning the hair with a cooler hue will breathe new life into your style.


Even if you don’t color your hair, fall is a great time to refresh and repair bring your summer-drenched natural tresses.

Tronisha says the key is moisture and protein (please note, protein usage should be limited as too much can cause breakage). Shampoo hair with a clarifier then generously apply Arrojo Hair Repair Masque; cover the hair and let process for twenty minutes (apply heat if hair is truly damaged). Rinse, apply leave-in, and style as usual and your hair will be soft, supple, and ready to brave the dropping temperature.

Whether you want a drastic change or a tonal shift to make your color pop again, fall is the perfect time to try something new. Come visit us at Salon Head Candy and let us bring your locks back to life!

NEW! Uberliss Smoothing System Intro Deals!

It’s HERE! The moment you’ve all been waiting for!
This revolutionary smoothing system is only at Head Candy!

That’s right!! We are the ONLY salon in the entire area certified and offering this amazing smoothing treatment in awesome package deals just in time for those humid summer months! Book your appointment now because we know these spots are going to book up FAST!


Get Straight, Get Smooth, Get Frizz-Free!

Smooth collage










Get softer, smoother, more manageable hair with Head Candy’s NEWEST smoothing system!
  • Superior shineUberliss_HeadCandy_salon-82W
  • Humidity resistant
  • Lasts 3-4 months (or more!)
  • Formaldehyde free
  • Methylene Glycol free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Safe for all hair types




Head Candy is the FIRST salon in the entire South Jersey/Philadelphia area to offer a smoothing system that is fully customizable! You can now keep your volume and waves while reducing frizz and some curl, or you can still go for that stick straight look! Head Candy can customize this system for each individual client!

Every client gets frizz and curl reduction with superior shine, reduced styling time, amazing softness, and truly life changing results!

We spent the past 6 months researching to find the best product on the market and this is it!




Special Introductory Head Candy Smoothing Packages Include:

  • Full consultation to examine hair and customize treatment
  • Uberliss treatment of your choice
  • Uberliss shampoo to take home
  • Haircut/trim to keep hair in optimum health
  • Uberliss treatment package starts at just $229!
  • Uberliss Ultra package starts at just $279!





Go from frizzy, curly, uneven waves, to smoother, softer, shinier hair in just a few hours! Reduce styling and blowdrying time significantly! This amazing treatment is humidity resistant and will stay smooth and shiny even on those super humid days! No more worrying about the weather or bad hair days!


This treatment and photoshoot was done in July on an extremely humid day with a rain storm on the way! (The rain even forced us indoors for the after pictures!) Look at the results in the picture to the right! The model’s natural hair became more and more frizzy the longer we stayed outside in the humidity. The side that was treated with Uberliss stayed perfectly smooth and shiny ALL DAY!






Just look at the side-by-side comparison!
Superior shine, humidity resistant, does not damage the hair, and is safe for color treated or previously smoothed hair!

  • No harsh fumes
  • NO formaldehyde or hidden aldehydes
  • YES there is a customized treatment for afro textures!
  • YES there is a customized treatment to keep your volume!
  • YES even fine hair can get this treatment!
  • NO you don’t have to only get stick straight with this treatment!


Book a FREE consultation to find out more!!




Hair: Alexis
Makeup: Rianna
Model: DeAnna
Photographer: Andrew Zamzuki, Zamzuki Digital




Who is it for?

  • Clients that want any reduction of frizz and curl
  • This service is the most customizable of all the treatment options and can get hair the “flattest” or can still leave hair with volume!
  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • This service is not recommend for clients with overly-damaged hair

How long does it last?
3-5 months, depending on hair type, lifestyle, maintenance and adherence to all aftercare instructions. Has been shown to last even up to 8 months!

What is the maintenance?

  • 72-hour waiting period before hair can be wet or washed.
  • Must avoid making any impressions on the hair with pins, clips, elastics, bands, ponytail holders, hats, sunglasses, etc for the first 72 hours.
  • Avoid using shampoos and products that contain Sodium Chloride and sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Avoid salt water and chlorine (the ocean and swimming pools, hot tubs, etc.)
  • We recommend Bumble and Bumble’s Straight, Hairdresser’s Oil, Color Minded or Uberliss Shampoo.

What are the benefits?

  • Smoother and silkier
  • Straighter and shinier
  • Blocks the effects of humidity
  • Easier and faster to blowdry

With each treatment and with proper at-home maintenance and products, you can actually build-up the keratin on the hair strand to keep the hair even smoother over time. The Uberliss shampoo and conditioner also help build up extra keratin into the hair!

What is the cost and service time?
This service starts at $199 for the regular treatment and $249 for the Ultra. The price is increased based on the length and density of the hair; there is a density charge per ounce of extra product used.

This treatment takes approximately 2-3 hours.

Any other useful info?
We recommend getting the treatment done approximately 1-2 weeks after and 1-2 week before a color service. The cleansing shampoo can make color fade so try to plan and schedule getting your smoothing treatment 1-2 weeks before you are due for a touch-up, then we can refresh your color with your touch-up appointment!

We always highly recommend getting a hair cut since the hair does lie differently after a smoothing treatment and split ends will be much more visible.

The treatment can be done as often as every 6 weeks.

It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Although it has not been found to be harmful, Head Candy takes the health of our clients and their unborn/newborn children very seriously and will not take the risk!



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Top Things Your Stylist Wants You to Know (but doesn’t want to tell you)

Top Things Your Stylist Wants You to Know (but doesn’t want to tell you)

Alexis & Tronisha showing great teamwork!
Alexis & Tronisha showing great teamwork!


Whether you want to call these things pet peeves, stylist secrets, or just information that you may not know, here is a list of the top things that your stylist wants you to know, but may not want to be the one to tell you!



1. If you’re trying to have a conversation with your stylist while they’re blowdrying your hair, they can’t hear you!

When the blowdryer is on, we can’t hear you! We may smile and nod to be polite, but we are secretly hoping that you’re not saying anything important because we can’t hear a word you’re saying over the noise of the dryer! If you have something to tell us that you really want us to know, wait until the dryer is off. While the dryer is going, just sit back and totally relax!!


Highlights and a trim on this gorgeous long hair by Payal!
Highlights and a trim on this gorgeous long hair by Payal!

2. If you want your hair to grow you need to have regular trims!

While it is a myth that regular trims make your hair grow faster, regular trims do help keep your hair in optimum condition for growth. When your ends split, they will continue to split up the strand until that hair breaks off. When more hairs continue to break, it creates very thin and straggly looking ends because there is a lot less hair at the ends.  Even if you get a tiny trim, or what we call a “dusting” every 2-3 months, you’ll maintain the hair you have longer and prevent further breakage.


3. Please don’t talk on your cell phone during your service.

It’s really hard to cut or color around a phone pressed against your ear. Talking loudly with the phone on speaker is rather rude and disruptive to our other clients that are trying to relax. Taking a long call and asking us to wait for you while we are on a tight schedule is abuse of our time and of our next client’s time. Please keep the cell phone use to a minimum during your service. You can use it before, while processing, and after!


4. Don’t bring young children to long service appointments.

If you’re coming in for a cut and need to bring your kids, we are ok with them being on their best behavior for an hour. If you are scheduled for color, we really prefer for them to stay home. Salons are not places that are entertaining for kids. We don’t have televisions or toys and they will get very bored waiting for you at your 3 hour appointment. We have expensive and sharp implements, chemicals, and clients that are paying for a relaxing experience.


5. Yes, these are magic wands and magic potions!

You know how every time you leave the salon you wish you could look and feel like that every day? Or you ask if you can take us home with you to do your hair for you every morning? You can! Sort of! There are a few reasons why your hair looks and feels so amazing when you leave the salon and why you can’t seem to duplicate it that way at home. First, the magic potions! We don’t magically change the texture or curl pattern of your hair. Yes it takes practice, but we also use products to manipulate it. The reason it looks so much thicker and fuller when we blowdry it isn’t because we wave a magic wand, it’s because of the $28 bottle of Thickening hair spray. When we get those unruly curls to lay perfectly smooth and shiny it’s partly because of the $29 tube of amazing Straight Blowdry cream.

Second, the magic wands! We use Ibiza brand $45 lightweight 100% pure boars hair bristle brushes with cork handles. They are the best brushes in the world. We have 10 stylists that have tried dozens of brushes over many years. We can all use & choose to sell any brushes we want. There are only 2 brushes on our shelves- Ibiza & the Wet brush.

So the reason your hair always looks amazing when you leave the salon isn’t because of magic. It’s because of science. high quality products, backed by science, tested by us, with proven results, along with the skill and practice of the person using them.


6. While we are on the subject, YES OUR PRODUCTS ARE BETTER than cheap drugstore knockoffs!

One word: chemistry. The highest expense in any industry is salary/personnel. When developing these amazing and magical hair products, the high paid chemists are working in the labs of brands like Bumble & Bumble, Oribe and Kerastase. These brands use high-quality ingredients and expensive patent-protected technology in their magic potions, which make them cost more. Brands like Pantene, Tresemme and Garnier may make similar knock-off versions of these products, but they are with cheaper ingredients and without the magical technologies found in the originators.


7. Please try to refrain from coaching us throughout the entire service.

If your previous stylist cut or highlighted your hair differently that’s great. Just don’t expect 2 people to do it exactly the same way. Different techniques can still give similar results and every stylist has their own method. Different approaches may simply be based on body posture due to different heights of stylists and whether or not they can reach the top of your head from a certain angle. There is no right or wrong, it is all just different techniques.


8. Coloring and lightening are NOT the same thing!

Technically speaking, they are the opposite thing. Coloring is depositing color- going darker or the same level and changing tone, or covering gray. Lightening is removing color- highlighting, blonding, lifting, etc. Knowing this information is important because….


9. Color doesn’t lift color

Amazing transformation from bleached out yellow with black lowlights to this soft bronde with highlights and lowlights by Robin!
Amazing transformation from bleached out yellow with black lowlights to this soft bronde with highlights and lowlights by Robin!

If you have any previous color on your hair it cannot just be lightened with color. If you have dark brown hair and you want light brown hair, you cannot just put light brown color on it. It will not lighten. The dark brown has to be removed first, before the light brown can be deposited. If the dark brown was an at home box color done more than once, it may take more than one removal process to lighten. This becomes a lengthy process. On average, every time you put a box color on your hair, it takes 20 minutes and 1 application of bleach or remover to lift it out. If you’ve colored your own hair dark brown 6 times, it could take 2-3 remover applications and approximately 2 hours to remove it. That still doesn’t guarantee that it will happen or that we would want to attempt it due to the potential damage it would cause. But that is just the minimum of time, labor and damage that will happen. Keep that in mind when wanting a light blonde color and you box colored your hair. It is not going to be fast and it is not going to be cheap.


10. Just because that is your “natural” color doesn’t mean you have “natural” hair.

Natural hair to a professional stylist means hair that has never been touched by a chemical. Hair grows at an average of 6 inches per year. If your hair is 24 inches long and you haven’t colored it in a year, you will have 6 inches of new growth and 18 inches of colored hair. It may look natural, but it isn’t. This is important for us to know so that we can formulate appropriately. It really doesn’t matter to us at all what you’ve done to your hair before. We don’t care if you colored it with Kool-Aid or magic markers. We’ve had clients that used shoe polish in desperate times! We’ve seen and heard it all before. So when we ask if your hair was previously colored, please be honest. We just want to give you the best results and your honesty is the key to help us make that happen. See #9 for further information on why!


11. Please don’t arrive with extra dirty hair for your color appointment.

Going 1-3 days without washing is perfectly fine and completely normal. 5-6 days or hair that is coated with lots of product is not ok. That much oil and product build up can actually interfere with the color penetration and we may need to prewash the hair before application.


12. Our time is literally our money.

Stylists work on commission. When you no-call, no-show, or call with less than 24 hours notice to cancel, we literally lose money. That messes with our livelihood. Since it is such a big deal, if it happens more than once the computer starts to put these fun red “X” marks on your client card. After 3 times you’ll be required to pre-pay for your next appointment, with no refund available if you don’t give at least 24 hours notice to cancel that appointment. We are completely understanding that emergencies happen sometimes but most cancellations and reschedules should be able to be done with at least 24 hours notice. Even your doctor’s office charges a fee when this happens. Just please be respectful that our time is our livelihood.


13. Please don’t come in when you are sick and contagious!

We are in such close contact with clients and will definitely get whatever anyone has. Stylists don’t get paid sick days so we can’t afford to get sick. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment rather than miss work for catching your germs!


14. Yes, we DO want to know if you are unhappy!20140716-185850-68330094.jpg

We can’t speak for other salon and we don’t know what previous experiences you might have had but we really do care and want you to be happy with your hair! We will be following this with our refund/redo policy exactly as it is written so you can see that we really mean it! If you need a few tweaks or fixes just let us know and we will happily do them for you. If something just isn’t working simply be polite and let us know!

Remember, we are human and try to do our very best every day and with every client. Sometimes a hair can be missed or a bang can be slightly too long, or you just want to go a bit shorter. It’s all perfectly ok and we are happy to fix any of these things for you! Just keep in mind there is a difference between something going wrong and changing your mind or having wrong expectations. In the end, we want you to be happy and our refund/redo policy is very generous.

Our Policy:

Although we strive to go above & beyond to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the services that we provide, we understand that we simply cannot make everyone happy all of the time. What we offer is a personal service performed by a human, not a manufactured product or an exact science. Head Candy does have a policy that we will not refund services but we will gladly redo the services within 10 days at zero cost to you if you are ever unhappy, even if you choose to use a different stylist. If you are not 100% happy with the services you received at Head Candy, please contact the Owner Robin Dorton, a Manager, or Salon Administrator Heidi Shafer, and we will have it redone for you as soon as possible!

Bright semi-permanent colors (pinks, purples, Manic Panic, etc, are meant to wash out of the hair within a few weeks and will sometimes wash out immediately when colored over hair that is very fine or porous and has just gone through a prelightening process, especially if the proper shampoo is not used. Head Candy has a policy that we will happily recolor these bright colors on the original areas ONE time, within 10 days, minus the cost of product where applicable (Manic Panic). After that a product charge and toner charge will apply.


15. You’re not going to look like the picture you bring us for inspiration.jesb

Your hair will not look identical to any picture you bring in. You don’t have their hair, you’re not being photoshopped, using extensions, starting at the same point in the process, among many other factors. Pictures are a great thing to use as inspiration but they cannot be duplicated. They are for ideas, letting us know what you do and don’t like, and for getting a sense of your taste when you can’t quite put it into words. Please don’t have unrealistic expectations. Your hair is not going to look exactly like any picture you bring to us. Ever.




16. Color processes take time, sometimes hours, sometimes days, or weeks, or months.

Color correction by Robin. She gradually took this client from bleached out brassy blonde with dark stripes to a softer light brown with highlights, and then to a deep rich cherry brown!
Color correction by Robin. She gradually took this client from bleached out brassy blonde with dark stripes to a softer light brown with highlights, and then to a deep rich cherry brown!

Along the same lines of having realistic expectations with pictures, you also need to know how much time some services can take. Keep in mind these are based on averages, and do not account for long hair, thick hair, clients running late, or other unexpected delays. Those amazing makeover images that you see are not quick fixes. Most take 4-5 hours to complete, and some can even take a few weeks to transition from one look to another. If you are in a hurry, have dinner reservations, or are impatient and don’t want to sit for more than 2 hours, please let us know so we can set up a more realistic service schedule for you based on your timeline. Here are a few examples of the length of a single salon service (not including any other part of the salon visit); haircut- 30-60 minutes, touch up 90 minutes, glaze 30 minutes, partial highlights 90 minutes, full highlights 2 hours. So if you needed a color correction to go from dark brown to a light caramel brown with blonde highlights, you would need a color remover, 60 minutes, a full highlight, 60 minutes, with a full color/glaze 30 minutes, plus a toner 30 minutes. That’s 3 hours at the very minimum. Not including consultation time, mixing, shampooing, drying, conditioning, trimming, etc. On average, most dramatic color makeovers take 3-5 hours.



So there it is, a bunch of the information that your stylist wants you to know but may, or may not, want to tell you! We hope you’ve found this helpful and that it has given you some insight into the salon life! After all, if we don’t share this information with you and you don’t share the information with us, how can we build that great relationship that leads to amazing hair?!!




DIY Skin Soothers for this Harsh Weather!

These frigid temps we’ve been having can be absolute torture on our skin, causing severe dryness, flaking, chapping, and even splitting for those that wash their hands frequently like we do here at Head Candy!

Coconut oil is one of our favorite ingredients for moisture for not only the hair, but for the skin as well. It has amazing antibacterial properties, provides natural protection from sun damage, and improves the moisture and lipid content of the skin, all naturally without any added chemicals. It is the main ingredient in a few of our favorite Bumble products including the Creme de Coco and Invisible Oil lines and is a must-have for winter!

We recommend splurging on the Bumble & Bumble Creme de Cocoa Conditioner for the ultimate in moisturizing conditioner for your hair. It delivers the perfect amount of coconut oil to the hair without overloading on proteins, which is too much of a good thing. Applying too much pure coconut oil directly to the hair can overload it and cause it to become brittle. No need to worry with a perfectly mixed and tested conditioner that we’ve loved for years!

We also recommend the Hair Stimulator Vitamins, especially during the harsh winter months! When our hair is constantly in hats, feeling dry and in need of extra moisture, it needs all the nourishment it can get. Start from the inside-out to make sure you’re taking the best care of it that you can! All of those vitamins are also helping your skin at the same time to ensure optimum cell turnover! And our vitamins are only $12.99 for a 30 day supply! But don’t forget- you get Candy Points with every $1 you spend so that adds up to free services!

Where you can save your money is on those expensive lotions and body butters! We have a few recipes for the most amazing DIY skin Soothers that we know you will love! They’re super affordable, they’re all natural, and they work better than the drug store varieties!

Whipped Coconut Butter

1 Tablespoon Vitamin E + 1 Cup solid Coconut Oil

Whip with the whisk attachment of your electric mixer for 5-7 minutes. Store in an airtight container. (We love small recycled jars for this!)


Soothing Coco Lotion

1/4 Cup Coconut oil + 1/2 Cup Olive oil + 1 teaspoon Vitamin E + 1 Tablespoon Shea Butter + 1 drop Vanilla extract (optional)

Place all ingredients in a glass jar with lid on, closed loosely. Put 2 inches of water in a saucepan and place jar in center of saucepan. Place saucepan on stove over medium heat. Slowly heat until ingredients melt completely. Remove from heat carefully, remove lid and stir. Use lotion within 5-6 months.



Read the labels on Drug Store haircare products!

Another reason why we care so much about the products that you’re using on your hair, especially after we color it!

Make sure you read the labels!! The drug store brands L’Oreal “Ever Pure”, & “Ever Cure” claim to be sulfate, salt and silicone free, but are they?

Sodium Chloride is salt.
Divinyldimethicone/dimethicone is a silicone.
Amodimethicone is a silicone.
Sodium isethionate is a salt.
Sodium hydroxide is a salt.

We thought you’d like to know!


The 50’s Head Candy Collection


The 50’s

Hair: Robin Dorton
Models: Allie Robinson, Jessica Minton, Brendan Moffat

The 1950’s were booming. Booming economy, babies were booming and the new suburbs were booming. Elvis was King, James Dean was our hero, and Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe won our hearts on the big screen. Circle skirts with soft sweaters, wool coats, Levi’s and the classic white tee were the favorites of fashion, with perfectly coifed updo’s and roller set styles keeping women looking their best while they kept the house clean and the tummies full. But life wasn’t all poodle skirts and sock hops. Rosa Parks made history in the 50’s, while paving the way for Civil Rights. The Cold War threatened our way of life and communists were not to be trusted. Yet with all that is happening in today’s society and the global threats we see on the news every night, wouldn’t it be so  peachy to just get dolled up and head to the drive in for a soda pop with James, Audrey, and Marilyn?



Jess (Marilyn Monroe Remix)Jess before and after 1a web

Kristin decided that a modern day Marilyn wouldn’t just be a normal platinum blonde, but to give her a real Head Candy remix, she would have to be more of a Rose Gold with light violet accents! She prelightened her hair and then toned her with a custom mixed toner for that perfect modern rose-violet platinum! Her styling was kept more classic, close to the original, but with more modern movement and softer curls. We love the results!






Allie before and after 1 web

Allie (Audrey Hepburn Remix)

Robin loved Allie’s look from the second she first saw her picture, and just knew that she would make the perfect modern day Audrey! She is cute as a button and an absolute sweetheart so she fit the role perfectly! Robin thought that a more updated Audrey wouldn’t just have solid dark brown hair, but would probably love the uber modern balayage highlights that all the darker-haired celebrities are wearing now. So she hand-painted lots of balayage highlights around Allie’s face and crown area, toning with a rich warm medium brown for a perfect sun-kissed look! Then she cut the dead ends off the bottom and gave her long layers with a straight razor cut with plenty of face-framing to really open up space and add lots of movement to the hair.




Brendan (James Dean Remix)

It’s not often that you put a call out for a male model that can pull of playing the role of an icon like James Dean, while being open enough to let you have your way with his hair. For several months Robin looked everywhere. She searched through her network of models, contacted a few local agencies and photographers, sent a mass text out to everyone she knew, and came up with nothing. Then one day she called her husband at work and told him to check out all the servers at his restaurant and see if anyone could possibly fit the bill. He sent a picture of Brendan and that was that. Not only does he obviously have those rugged good looks, but he also let her cut his hair any way she needed to for this photo shoot. He turned out to be the perfect model for this role, and we are quite sure you will be seeing his face again in future shoots here at Head Candy, and possibly other places too. A star just might’ve been born!





We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane! Enjoy the rest of your stay at the soda counter!!







The 60’s Head Candy Collection





The 60’s

Models: Crystal, Sarah, Greg and Ryan

The assassinations of both President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., the Vietnam war, Civil Rights for African Americans, women, and gays were all part of the radical 1960’s. Hippies wanted peace and free love, women wanted equal pay, minorities wanted equal treatment. We had Janis Joplin, The Doors, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix giving us unheard of music that still stirs something in our souls. Flower power and the smiley face were found on everything. Elvis and The Beatles had millions of women screaming and passing out. In the summer of 1969, more than 400,000 hopeful people trooped to upstate NY to be part of a harmonious 3-days known as Woodstock. Throw on your finest fringe vest and put a flower in your hair as you groove along this peaceful journey!






Check back with us in a few weeks to see the 50’s in our last trip down memory lane!


Balayage vs Ombre vs Sombre vs Foils vs Color Melting




One of the most common questions we are asked about hair color is exactly what is the difference between all of the latest hair color trends? What is the difference between balayage, ombre, somber, foils and color melting? And how do I know what to ask my stylist for? Hopefully we can help answer some of these questions for you and provide you with some celebrity examples, along with Head Candy client examples!





The word balayage comes from the French term meaning “to sweep”. It is a freehand painting technique used to add soft dimension to the hair instead of traditional foils. Balayage tends to have a bit more subtle results than foiling, often giving a natural sun-kissed appearance to the hair. It is very popular with celebrities, giving them the beautiful rich dimensional color, without any harsh regrowth. This is a very advanced technique, and is a specialty of several of our stylists, including Robin and Melissa.



Another freehand technique, ombre has been an extremely popular color trend over the past few years and it seems it is here to stay. It simply means shaded or graduated in tone and it is when hair is darker at the top and lighter at the ends.



Sombre is a fairly new term, used as a way to describe ombre’s more subtle cousin. This freehand technique is a great way to combine the best of balayage with the trend of ombre, in a subtle and beautiful way! It looks great with every color from dark to light, but remember- its all about being soft!


Color Melting

Color melting is similar to an ombre or somber, but is usually done with 3 or more colors, melting them together very gradually. It doesn’t necessarily have to go only from dark to light, but can be any combination of colors melting together.



Finally we’ve come to traditional foils. Foil highlights are still the most popular way to add dimension to the hair, and foils are definitely here to stay! There are so many options with foils from the most subtle of highlights to the super bold, anything is possible!


We hope this answers your questions about the differences between all of these amazing hair trends! They are all quite beautiful and look great on any client whether brunette, blonde, red, or even purple! And don’t forget- consultations are always free. You can stop in any time or schedule a consultation even if you just want to chat and get ideas for your next color!