The 80’s Head Candy Collection





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The 80’sEmily before and after 80'sweb
Model: Emily Gazzara

The 80’s were a happy little decade caught between social activism and self-loathing grunge. We had 2 Coreys and Kirk Cameron as our sexiest men alive, Madonna and Michael beginning their reign as King and Queen, Cabbage Patch Kids, Risky Business, 99 Luft Balloons, Punk rock making its way from London, and every kid needed a boom box. Those 80’s trends are constantly making their way back in the latest trends and we just can’t seem to let go of this decade! Luckily these are now considered classic vintage so it is like totally cool to rock those duds again, but in smaller doses as accessories. Just please leave the blonde frosted highlights and feathered bangs in the past with your banana clips!



Check back in a few weeks to see John & Rachel’s 70’s collection!



The 90’s Head Candy Collection

new collage









Fall Winter Head Candy Collection

Several times every year the entire staff gets together to work on a new collection, and it is hard to believe that this is only our 2nd full collection together! I spend a few weeks carefully thinking about a theme that will not only inspire the entire staff, but will also inspire our clients, and will showcase the team’s talents, along with the ability to display the latest trends in cut, color, and styling. I announce the theme at our twice-yearly team meeting, and have everyone draw names to choose their teammates. The staff knows there is always a method to my madness, and I like having them choose teammates randomly so they get the opportunity to work with new people on a regular basis. It is great for moral and team building, and helps everyone to learn and grow by constantly working with different people.

The theme this time was vintage styles. We randomly chose decades from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and gave them a “Candy Remix” or a modern update. Since vintage styles are always coming back around again, I thought it would be a fun way for the team to put their own personal twist on updating these classics with a more modern edge using today’s techniques. We get so many requests for vintage styling, especially for weddings, and there seems to be a major surge of vintage adoration everywhere we look. With shows like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Masters of Sex, and Downton Abbey, everyone seems to be longing for more simple times and classic beauty.

This time we called in a very special makeup artist that I’ve worked with on several projects before. She is amazingly talented and I absolutely adore her! I wanted to give Chrissi the opportunity to be a part of assisting the rest of the team with styling for the day and to give her the chance to learn from one of the best makeup artists I know. We also decided to work with Jillian Kathryn Photography for our third project together, since we seem to be making such an amazing team!

We hope you love these vintage inspirations as much as we do and our Candy Remixes on the classics! We work hard to not just stay on top of the latest trends, but to also help start the next hottest trends to keep all of you ahead of the game! We absolutely love what we do and it wouldn’t be possible without you and your support!




We will be counting down the newest collection from the 90’s to the 50’s. So check back with us every few weeks to see the next decade in our trip down memory lane! First up is the 90’s!

The 90’s

Hair: Alexis Jimenez 
Models: Brian and Sommer

It may seem hard to believe that the 1990’s can even be considered a vintage decade, but it is indeed true that some of these trends are already 24 years old!

Music from N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, MC Hammer, Courtney & Kurt, the Spice Girls & Britney Spears gave us a wide range of music from mainstream pop to dark and edgy grunge rock. Movies and TV including Friends, 90210, Clueless, Fresh Prince, and Saved by the Bell started the style trends that influenced millions around the world. We all wore those low crotch Hammer pants, overalls with one strap undone, bright patterns, and a few of us even wore our pants backwards to be like a pair of very young rapping one-hit-wonders. If you didn’t wear your hair in twisties or scrunchies, have the “Rachel haircut”, or a massive collection of butterfly clips and Pogs, you weren’t living in the 90’s!



Check back with us in a few weeks to see the 80’s in our next trip down memory lane!


Budget Beauty Makeup Dupes!

 Budget Beauty Makeup Dupes!

Covet those high-end makeup and beauty products but want to keep on a tight budget? This blog is just for you! A dupe is basically a drug-store or budget friendly version or copycat of the more expensive designer brand. Try them out and let us know what you think or share your favorites with us!

NARS Bronzer in Laguna $36 OR Wet n’ Wild Bronzer in Princess $7


MAC lipstick in Vegas Volt $18 OR Revlon Super Lustrous in Coralberry $7


Benefit Browzings Kit $30 OR e.l.f. Eyebrow kit $3


Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner $23 OR Maybelline Gel Eyeliner $8


Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Color $16 OR Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm $7


MAC Quick Sizzle Lipstick $18 OR Sephora Love Test $12


Philosophy hope in a jar $67 OR St Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer $5


Benefit Porefessional $28 OR L’Oreal Miracle Blur $25 (double the size)


Top Ten List of Foods and Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Clients are always asking if there are any magic vitamins that will help with growing healthy, beautiful hair. Of course, there’s more to hair health than just taking a vitamin! A healthy lifestyle, following your stylist’s advice for proper hair care and products, and getting enough sleep can all do wonders for your hair. And to go along with that, here is our Top Ten List of foods and vitamins that can help give you that great hair and skin you long for!

Salmon is rich in protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. About 3% of the hair shaft is made up of these fatty acids, which your body can’t make, and which you need to grow hair. They also keep your scalp and hair hydrated! Trout, avocado, and pumpkin seeds can also give you these amazing fatty acids!


2. WalnutsWalnuts
These are the only type of nut that contain a large amount of those essential omega-3 fatty acids. Even better, they are rich in biotin and vitamin E. Vitamin E is a great protector from DNA damage, and sun damage. Use walnut oil in your salad dressing as an easy way to ensure getting it into your diet!


3. ZincZinc
Having a lack of zinc in your diet can lead to hair loss, along with a dry scalp. It can also be a great help for dandruff and psoriasis sufferers. You can take a supplement for zinc, or you can add foods rich in zinc into your diet like oysters, cereals, nuts, and eggs.


4. Beta CaroteneSweet Potatoes
Beta Carotene is a much needed antioxidant which your body turns into vitamin A. It helps your scalp produce the oils used to protect and nourish your hair. Being low in vitamin A can lead to a dry, flaky scalp. Foods rich in beta carotene include sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes and pumpkin.


5. Eggseggs
Not only are eggs a great source of protein, but they are also full of a few other minerals that are key to maintaining hair and skin health. They are rich in zinc, and also in iron, which helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles. Too little iron, also known as anemia, is a major cause of hair loss in women.


6. Dark, leafy greenskale
Spinach, kale, and broccoli are all rich in iron, beta carotene, folate and vitamin C, which helps to keep hair follicles healthy and helps with scalp oils for hydrating the hair.


7. Lentilslentils
Lots of vegetarians and vegans know about the amazing health benefits of these legumes. They’re a major source of protein for those that don’t eat meat, but they are also rich in iron, zinc, and biotin- all essential to healthy hair and scalp! You can also try adding edamame and kidney beans to get all of these great nutrients.


8. Vitamin B Complexgreek-yogurt
You may see this ingredient in a lot of hair care products, for the wonders that it does for the health of the hair follicle. You can find vitamin B5 in a lot of dairy products, like Greek yogurt, cheese, and milk, which also contain protein and vitamin D. Vitamin B Complex contains every vitamin B available, including B6, B12, and Biotin. They help reduce hair loss, slow down graying process, and promote shiny hair.


9. Vitamin Cblue
This vitamin is critical for circulation, and supports blood vessels that feed your hair follicles. Not having enough vitamin C in your diet can lead to hair being fragile or breaking. Try adding more blueberries, tomatoes, and strawberries to you diet to get plenty of vitamin C.


10. Vitamin Avitamin-a_2
This may be the most essential vitamin for optimum hair and scalp health. This is one vitamin that is easiest to get your daily allowance by taking a supplement. Vitamin A adds conditioners to the scalp, it fights free radicals like pollution that weaken hair, and it strengthens hair strands.


Natrol Biotin Maximum Strength and Viviscal both contain many different nutrients viviscal_box_350w 20120206_170that help with hair and skin health. They are an easy way to add a supplement to a healthy diet that can give you a good all-around assortment of the essentials needed every day. Both can be found at most health-food stores, pharmacies, or online.


by Robin Dorton
















Summer Color Trends

What are the hottest color trends this summer? Golds and roses are it!35f6f53710f86b76a4ee43c0bc544595

Rose gold, spicy gold, coral, sand, salmon and blush are just of few of the amazing colors that are super hot and on trend for summer. The best part is that everyone can wear and enjoy these beautiful shades!

There are amazing possibilities for these shades, whether on light or dark hair. For blondes, try adding a few subtle pieces around your face, add a Rose Gold tone to just the fringe, just the ends, or in hidden peekaboo panels!

Is the sun and sand fading your color out to a pale blonde? Get a glaze in a bright golden color that gradually washes out in 6-8 weeks.

Brunettes can get balayage (hair painting) and a toner in a sandy blonde, rose gold or in a bright gold.

No matter what your style, hair color, or day job, anyone can enjoy these gorgeous colors!


What Your Hair Says About Your Health

What Your Hair May Be Saying About Your Health!

We are not doctors, nor do we claim to be. These are merely professional stylist’s research and findings over many years of experience that we’d like to pass on to our clients. When in doubt, seek the guidance of your physician! But if you’d like some general ideas of what your hair might be saying about your health, read on!

Problem: Dry, limp, thin-feeling hair1

What it may be telling you: Many factors can lead to overly dry hair, including home hair coloring, blowdryers, curling or flat irons, swimming in chlorinated water. But a significant change in texture that leaves hair feeling finer than usual, can be an indicator of an underactive thyroid, known as hypothyroidism. This doesn’t mean that you’re losing a lot of hair, but more that each individual hair is becoming finer and weaker. See your physician to find out if there is a health concern. We recommend DS Labs Revita Shampoo and Cor Conditioner to help with hair thinning.


Problem: Scaly or crusty patches on the scalp2

What it is telling you: When a thick crust forms on the scalp, this usually indicates psoriasis, which can be distinguished from other dandruff-like skin conditions by the presence of a thickening, scab-like surface. Psoriasis affects nearly 7.5 million Americans and is the most common autoimmune disease. The discovery that you have psoriasis should alert you to the possibility of a more serious condition. Approximately 30% of people with psoriasis develop psoriatic arthritis, or have another autoimmune disease. It also puts you at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. There are plenty of ingredients that can relieve psoriasis, and it may take some time to find the treatment that works best for you. A few of the ingredients to look for relief include coal tar, zinc, salicylic acid, aloe vera, hydrocortisone creams, and vitamin D. Once you get your health checked out, see a Dermatologist for treatment options. And don’t be embarrassed or afraid to get your hair done! We are professionals with many years of experience and have seen plenty of cases of psoriasis. Just let us know ahead of time and alert us to any medicated shampoos you need to bring with you for us to use!


Problem: Hair falling out in small, circular patches3

What it says about your health: We know this as alopecia areata. This happens when the immune system attacks and shrinks hair follicles, causing hair to fall out, usually in small round patches. Diabetes is the most common trigger for this condition. It can continue to spread, causing hair loss over a large area, or over the entire body. We’ve had a few clients that have found great success with our DS Labs products. We can also help by giving a style that helps to blend in those patches, and we can even use the amazing Hotheads extensions to fill in thin areas.


Problem: Yellowish flakes and scaly, itchy patches

What it says about your health: Most of us know this as dandruff, with the technical 4name being seborrheic dermatitis. It is a chronic inflammatory condition of the scalp and is an interaction of health issues that deserve to be taken seriously. This condition causes skin to develop scaly patches, often in the areas where the scalp is oiliest. When the flaky skin loosens, it leaves the telltale “dandruff” flakes. It is caused by a fungal infection due to an overgrowth of the yeast that is present on our scalps and skin. This yeast organism, known as Pityrosporum ovale, inflames irritated skin, causing excessive flakes. To see the difference between plain dry skin and seborrheic dermatitis, when skin is dry you’ll also see dry scaly skin between the eyebrows and by the sides of your nose, where as seborrheic dermatitis is mostly found on the scalp. While it is not contagious, it can be triggered by stress, oily skin, cold or dry weather, and infrequent washing. Left untreated it can cause premature hair loss and hair thinning. We have found great success using DS Labs Revita shampoo at least 3-4 times per week.


Problem: Traction Alopecia (Pulling hair too tight)5

What it is telling you: Change your hair style and loosen up! Pulling hair too tight in constant ponytails, cornrows, and tight headbands, can damage the fragile hair follicles around the hair line and causes hair to break and fall out. Changing your hairstyle usually lets hair grow back. Pulling hair back tightly for a long time, though, can lead to permanent hair loss!


How to maintain hair and scalp health: Eating healthy is not only good for our bodies, it’s also good for our hair and scalp. Salmon and walnuts with omega-3 fatty acids are great for shiny hair. Spinach and carrots for vitamin A, cashews for zinc, low-fat dairy, and vegetables are all great for overall skin health.


By Robin Dorton









How to Preserve Hair Color

How to preserve hair color is one of the biggest challenges that many clients face and we have the solution here at Head Candy!

When trying to preserve hair color there are a few things that we know are color faders. One is cheap shampoos containing sulphate, and the other is the sun’s harsh UV rays. Bumble and Bumble has an amazing line of products and a professional-only treatment that conquers that challenge and preserves permanent color for up to 40 shampoos.

Head Candy and Bb have several shampoos that are free of sulphate and help preserve your hair color to help keep it fresh! Color Minded shampoo, Invisible Oil shampoo, and Straight shampoo are all completely free of those terrible sulphates. The Color Minded and Invisible Oil lines also provide protection against UV rays. Not sure which to use? Stop in any time to get a personal recommendation of which line is perfect for your hair!

And read on to find out a bit more about the amazing Bumble and Bumble Color Minded line!

Want to know how we find inspiration for all those amazing colors in our portfolios? Head Candy finds inspiration for our color in places that perhaps only other colorists or artists would think to look.

We find inspiration in food, candy & our favorite beverages…

We find it in nature…


We even find it in work by other artists…

Where do you find your color inspiration?!


Bumble and Bumble Color Minded

The Color Minded Preserving Complex is a proprietary two-polymer technology that seals the hair to prevent color wash out and fade. It keeps shade, shine and tone true.


Color Minded Pro Treatmentcolorminded_pro_treatment_large

The color process opens the cuticle to deposit color into the hair shaft. If the cuticle is not sealed properly, water can enter and wash away new color, as soon as the first shampoo (which is when the most color washout happens).

Colorists often relied on glosses and glazes to provide a sealing coat, but glosses and glazes wash out quickly. The Color Minded Pro Treatment contains the highest concentration of the color preserving complex and should be applied in the salon following the color service to preserve permanent color for up to 40 shampoos.

This professional, in-salon only treatment protects with the Color Minded Color Preserving Complex and is applied at the end of your haircolor service. It seals in color, adds shine and vibrancy for up to 40 shampoos.

Color remains true; no tonal changes visible to the eye; prolongs color vibrancy; prolongs color brilliance; non-damaging; color safe. This treatment can be added after any color service for just $25 and is a must for vibrant colors!
Color Minded Shampoocolorminded_shampoo_large

Ultra-mild, sulfate free cleansing protects color integrity, helps prevent color fading and eliminate color washout. Color Minded Shampoo contains the color preserving complex to help minimize fading effects, prolong color’s vibrancy and brilliance and maintain the Color Minded Pro Treatment.


Color Minded Conditionercolorminded_cond_large

It’s a moisture whip so rich, it moonlights as a masque. Designed to seal, shine and keep all tones true, the conditioner prevents color fading with the highest concentration of the proprietary color preserving complex out of the Color Minded retail products. It helps maintain the Pro Treatment and prolong hair’s vibrancy and color brilliance, while providing lightweight, yet deep conditioning. Use as a daily conditioner and once a week as a masque for up to 10 minutes.


Color Minded UV Protective Styling Balmcolorminded_styling_balm_large

A nourishing balm for natural movement, control and lustre. With UV filters, heat protection, humidity protection, and a color preserving complex to help minimize fading effects. Those who color; those who don’t will enjoy its styling benefits, heat and humidity protection and UV filters to protect from the elements (weather or not), not to mention the luxurious, nourishing formula.


Color Minded UV Protective Polishcolorminded_polish_large

An illuminating finisher that seals weightlessly, provides definition, adds shine and illuminates hair color. With UV filters, heat protection and a color preserving complex to help minimize fading effects.
Provides heat-styling protection; controls frizz and flyaways; adds luminosity. Those who color and those who don’t will enjoy the polishing, refining and protective properties of this elegant formula. Work sparingly through dry hair.

Our craft is about finding these inspirations, designing them to be suitable for each and every client’s individuality, and making it become a reality on our chosen canvas, which is, your hair. Much like the beautiful works of art on display in a museum or in nature, haircolor is an investment worth protecting and preserving.

Top Ten List of Hair Myths and Truths

Top 10 Myths vs Truths About Hairtop 10 myths

We made a list of the ten most common hair questions that we hear from our clients on a daily basis here at Head Candy and we wanted to take some time to clear things up! Here is our top 10 list!




10. Hair must be washed every day.tonic

MYTH! While bathing or showering every day is certainly a great idea, we do not recommend washing your hair every day! Three times per week is plenty but every other day is just fine as well. Don’t forget that hair is a fiber much like wool or silk. Think about that comfy wool sweater you have that starts to look worse and worse with every washing. If you have long, thick, coarse, or curly hair you can go even longer in-between washings. These hair textures tend to dry out and become frizzy due to lack of moisture. If you have an oily scalp, make sure you are using the proper shampoo that is meant to correct any scalp or oily issues and try to retrain your scalp by washing every other day. We love Bumble & Bumble Tonic shampoo for any oily or itchy scalp problems!

9. Trimming your ends will make your hair grow faster.masque

MYTH! Typical hair grows about ½” per month and trimming your ends won’t make your hair grow any faster. We still suggest getting regular trims to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, but the only real factors that affect hair growth are genetics, hormones, diet, and the overall health of your scalp and hair follicles. To keep your ends from getting split or broken, avoid using heat from irons and blow dryers. If you do use heat on your ends regularly we recommend using products that protect your hair from those elements and doing shampooa regular moisturizing treatment to keep in good condition. Bumble and Bumble Quenching line is amazing for keeping your hair moisturized and there are quite a few great styling products that do double duty of helping to style and protect your hair from heat. When trying to grow hair, we love the Revita shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp and follicles at their optimum levels.

8. You can’t get your hair colored during pregnancy.

MYTH! Head Candy is always concerned with what our pregnant and nursing clients are exposed to in the salon but no studies have ever proven that hair color is dangerous for a developing fetus. We only use the highest quality hair color in our salon and all of the services we provide are completely free of formaldehyde. Please be sure to inform your stylist if you are pregnant and all of your concerns will be addressed. There are still plenty of options available, including our amazing Wella color glazes, which are perfectly safe for everyone and they are totally ammonia-free!

7. Wearing ponytails will cause premature baldness.home_display

TRUE! This may be surprising to most people but this is somewhat true! While an occasional ponytail won’t cause any harm, frequent super tight ponytails could lead to traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a form of gradual hair loss caused by stress, tension, and regular pulling of the scalp and hair fibers. This type of alopecia can happen to anyone but is more common among women of color who wear their hair pulled tightly in braids, ponytails and extensions. Even parting your hair the same way for a long time can cause the part to widen which is another form of traction alopecia. The same goes for headbands, rollers, and excessive heat. Try using less tension in your ponytail and changing the way you part your hair every few weeks. And don’t forget to take your stylist’s advice on changing styles and shampoo and product recommendations!

6. Washing hair in cold water will make it shinier.shine

MYTH! Hair does not actually contain any living cells so it does not react to hot or cold water. The myth comes from the belief that cold water will make the cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair close so that it lays flat and helps to reflect light. Cold water will not close the cuticle layer of the hair- that requires a pH balancer to restore the hair to its most natural pH level. Many of the in-salon services can close down that cuticle layer, including toners, glazes, and several conditioning treatments. If you’re looking to add shine to your hair, we recommend getting a Wella glaze or glossing service which can even be done in a totally clear formula if you don’t want to change the color of your hair. We also love Bumble and Bumble “Let it Shine” shampoo and conditioner for at home use to get your hair extra shiny!

5. Hair loss and baldness comes from the Mother’s side.revita

MYTH! You can still blame your maternal grandfather for some of your hair loss but he can no longer take all of the blame! Research has shown approximately 200 different genes that regulate hair growth, coming from both sides of the family. There are also many other reasons why we lose our hair or go bald including diet, environment, sun damage, hormones, and several others. At the first sign of hair loss you need to start a regimen of using shampoo, conditioner and treatments specifically designed to help keep the hair that you have and prevent further loss. We carry the Revita line of products that are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer. And talk to your stylist about the best ways to care for your hair and scalp.

4. Exposing your hair to sunlight is the best way to get natural highlights or lighten your hair.B1CK_152x358

MYTH! This is a total myth! UV rays are just as damaging to hair as they are to our skin! Those powerful UV rays can cause hair to lighten, but can also cause your hair to fade and can burn your scalp! Hair is not a shield or protective barrier between the damaging sun and your sensitive scalp. With so many safe and affordable ways to lighten up or add eye-catching highlights to your hair, don’t risk the permanent damage that can be caused by the sun! Instead, opt for a subtle accent highlight that starts at just $20 and take home the amazing Bumble and Bumble Color Minded products with UV protection!

3. Your eyebrows should be the same color as your hair.

MYTH! The most natural look is for eyebrows to be 1-2 levels darker than the hair on your head. While you certainly can color your eyebrows to closely match your hair color, keep in mind that our eyebrows shed about twice as fast as the time needed for a root touch up. Most touch-ups are done every 4-5 weeks but eyebrows will need touched up in about 2 weeks. Even platinum blondes shouldn’t lighten their brows too much or you’d end up looking like you don’t have any brows at all! Keep your brows a bit darker and instead opt for filling in brows with a lighter colored pencil or powder.

2. If you’re planning to wear an updo for a special event, your hair should be slightly dirty.weddings

MYTH! This statement may cause many debates, even among different stylists and so-called magazine experts but at Head Candy we say it is a myth that dirty hair works best for formal styling! The main problem with this statement is that nearly every person has a different definition of the word “dirty”. Even though freshly washed and conditioned hair tends to be too soft for the texture and grip needed for doing a formal style or updo, we would rather just add that grip ourselves with products. We have no idea what products you are using at home and unfortunately most non-professional products are not meant to be layered. They can cause flakes or white spots when brushed out or touched with a hot iron. Once that happens there is no way of fixing it except to wash the hair, which then adds on a blowdry service at a cost of $30 & up, and adds an extra 30-45 minutes to the service time. We have the most amazing Bumble and Bumble products which stand the test of time all while layering, applying heat, and brushing backstage at NY Fashion Week and through countless shows and photo shoots. Most non-professional products can’t do the things that our products can do, which is why we use them. We are professionals that know how to make hair do what we need it to do. So we recommend coming to your updo appointment with clean dry hair. Use very little conditioner so your hair isn’t too soft, but leave the other products to us!

1. I Wouldn’t Look Good with Short Hair.

MYTH! There are so many different styles nowadays that anyone would look great with shorter hair! We just love when celebrities help to inspire our clients by cutting off their hair and sporting those modern, hip, and super sexy pixie cuts! When you have a great stylist you can easily trust them with helping you choose a short crop that would suit you perfectly. Be sure to start saving pictures of all the short styles you crave so we can get an idea of exactly what you’re looking for. Take the time to ask lots of questions and pay attention to the styling and products used to go with your new do. Whether you decide to go gradually shorter or just take the plunge and get a dramatic new makeover, we know you’ll love the freedom and ease of a great new short haircut!

The World’s Best Hair Brushes




Clients constantly ask us how to duplicate the amazing blowouts they get in our salon oprah01so here are our expert recommendations for the best tools to maintain those looks at home!

The Best Brushes
Not every brush is created equal. Picking the right brush for your specific needs and making sure you get a good quality brush are both important for styling your hair and for keeping it in good shape. Don’t skimp here- using a poorly made or broken brush on your hair can not only damage your fragile locks, but can also pull it from your scalp.


The Wet Brush
For detangling wet hair we love The Wet Brush!  The Wet Brush is super soft and has wetIntelliFlex bristles. They detangle hair with ease, without tugging or pulling and reduce split ends and hair loss. Rated 5 stars on Amazon!

Salon Head Candy always carries The Wet Brush in a bunch of fun colors!

The Wet Brush $12.00


The Best Round Brushes in the World are… Ibiza!InStyle-May-2013
There is just no comparison! Ibiza round boars hair brushes have been voted as the best brushes by countless beauty experts, stylists all over the world, and users on Amazon, who have given them 5 star ratings for years. The Ibiza round brush was just voted a 2013 Best Beauty Buy” from InStyle Magazine, among many others!

The EX Series is the most innovative design in ergonomics in a round brush EVER and comes in 4 sizes. They are super lightweight and easy to maneuver with extra dense reinforced boar for high performance styling.

More Boar Bristles = more shine, volume, and possibilities.

Salon Head Candy is proud to carry these amazing brushes in all 4 sizes, ordered directly from the manufacturer in Spain!

EX2 Small 35mm $44.00
EX3 Medium 55mm $44.00
EX4 Large 65mm $46.00
EX5 Extra Large 80mm $48.00prod_mo05_image

And don’t forget the Mahogany Oval Boars Hair Flat Brush, perfect for long hair, coarse hair, and extensions! $42


Ceramic Brushes
Ibiza also makes the most amazing ceramic brushes on the market! They spent 2 years testing every ceramic brush around and the Yolles Ceramic brushes out-performed every one!

The Yolles brushes have Ionic Nylon Bristles that distribute negative ions for faster drying time leaving hair softer, shinier, and more humidity-resistant. The ergonomic non-slip rubber handle keeps the brushes super lightweight, causing less stress on your wrist, reducing hand fatigue. They are a seamless one-piece design with no gluing and no gaps where most brushes usually get hair caught & snag. They are recyclable with a Ceramic Carbon Fiber Barrel that eliminates frizz & is anti-static.

Available in 3 sizes: Small 33mm, Medium 43mm, Large 53mm $35.00

Stop in the salon any time to learn more about all of our favorite tools, or book an appointment for a blowout and let us give you a lesson in styling your hair at home! Also keep an eye out for our next blowdry bootcamp styling class and video!


Manic Panic Photoshoot

We love collaborating with other artists and doing photoshoots to make beautiful images like the ones we’re about to show you! Head Candy recently brought in the full color line of Manic Panic, and we teamed up with Jillian Kathryn Photography for another great shoot. But this one was a giant step out of the box for this seasoned wedding photographer! We knew she’d be excited to get in on the action for this creative work and we were happy to have her be a part of it. We found the perfect model in Lindsay Caswell, and love that she has tattoos by our big brother shop over at 12 oz Studios! It just doesn’t get more fun than this! We hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!

Hair Color and Styling: Robin Dorton
Makeup: Chrissi Vitanza
Model: Lindsay Caswell
Photography: Jillian Kathryn
Chest Tattoo: Meghan Patrick
David Bowie leg Tattoo: Alex Feliciano
Manic Panic products used: Colors- Bad Boy Blue, Rockabilly Blue, Purple Haze, Pastelizer.
Makeup- Deadly Nightshade on lips, Violet Night Glitter liner, Nefertiti Lust Dust on eyes.