Prom 2014

Prom 2014 is Here!!

Formal photo shoot. Hair by Rachel.

Need to know what the latest trends are for Prom 2014? Head Candy has you covered! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite hair and makeup trends to help you look and feel your best so you can dance the night away, have a blast, and have memories you’ll cherish forever! We’ve also included a Q&A below to help answer your top questions about all things Prom beauty! Don’t forget to schedule your appointment ASAP- we book up quickly on those busy prom days! We have an amazing Prom Hair & Makeup package for $75!!!


It’s Classic for a Reason!
When in doubt, stick with the classics! A classic smoky eye, a classic red lip, a classic black dress, a classic bun- all classics that never go out of style!


Choose your dress first!
Your dress style, color, and neckline will all determine how you should wear your hair and makeup! This is the important first step. If the bodice of your dress has lots of beading or an intricate pattern, you don’t want to wear long loose curls that will cover it up! The same goes for a high neckline. You’ll want to wear your hair all up in a pretty updo. If your dress is a one-shoulder design, you’ll want to wear your hair up, or swept over to the other side. Your makeup color will also be determined by the color of your dress. A classic red lip would clash with that bright pink or pastel green dress!

If you’re unsure of how to wear your hair, don’t worry! We have a book in our waiting area that has a great guideline of what hairstyles work best with different types of dresses! Bring a picture of your dress and your stylist can help you find a style that will be perfect for you!

What’s Old is New Again!
You can never go wrong when you go vintage! Find your inner flapper or pinup girl and stand out in the crowd! Head Candy stylists have tons of experience with vintage styling from every decade of the past. We can even give you a modern version of a vintage look! From the fingerwaves and sharp bobs of the roaring 20’s, to the soft elegance of the 30’s and 40’s, to the classic pinup girl of the 50’s, Head Candy is your go-to place for vintage style! We also have an entire book devoted to these amazing favorites!

Radiant Orchid
Pantone’s Color of the Year is Radiant Orchid and we are in love with this color! Whether you have a dress in this color, or you want to play up your eyes or your lips in this color, Radiant Orchid is the color of the year for good reason! It is such a beautiful bright shade and can be made to suit every girl for prom!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m not sure of how to wear my hair for my prom?

We have a great guide in the salon that gives suggestions on how to wear your hair depending on your dress style and neckline. You can also take some time to gather inspiring photos online and bring them to your appointment! Be sure to bring a picture of your dress too!

How far in advance should I book my appointment?

ASAP!! Most proms fall on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, which are the busiest days in the salon. Our early afternoon and evening spots book up very quickly, especially during the busy prom and wedding season! As soon as you know what time you’ll need to be ready, book your appointment! Don’t forget to give yourself extra time to go home and get a shower, get in your dress, and get your pictures taken by your adoring family and friends!

How long before my prom should I have other services done?

For color, highlights and trims, we recommend 1-2 weeks. This will ensure that your color is fresh for the big day, while leaving any time needed for emergencies or color changes. For waxing services we recommend 5-7 days, which lets your skin be fresh and smooth for the day of, while ensuring that any redness or swelling has time to go away. For GelMani’s, you can have this service done the day of, or within 5-7 days.

Do I have to wear my hair up for my prom?

No, you can wear your hair in any style that suits you and your dress. Most girls prefer to wear their hair up so they look more formal, and they don’t have to worry about “messing” with their hair for the entire day and night. Keep in mind what the weather is going to be like, and how well your hair will cooperate with the weather. Also think about things like humidity or how lots of dancing could wear down your curls, causing frizz, or falling flat. These are all important things to consider when choosing your hairstyle. We will give recommendations based on your prom date, hair type, and typical weather patterns during the different seasons.

How should I have my skin and hair prepared for my appointment?

Arrive to the salon with clean, dry skin, wearing only your usual moisturizer. Please make sure you have removed all remnants of makeup from the day before and don’t wear any foundation, mascara, or concealers. Please also arrive with clean, dry hair. If your hair needs to be blown out straight for your updo, please either arrive with it blown out or include a blowout when booking your appointment. Blowouts are not included with updos, so be prepared to do this yourself, or to pay extra for a blowout the day of. DO NOT arrive with dirty hair and DO NOT put any products in your hair. It is a huge myth that dirty hair works best for updos! We don’t know what products you are using at home and most non-professional products are just not made for layering or for excessive brushing and styling. Having products left in the hair runs the risk of causing flakes the next day which look terrible when trying to achieve a beautiful updo. Please arrive with clean, dry hair! And don’t forget a button or zip up top!

Have any other questions? Feel free to give us a call and we will happily answer them for you!