The 50’s Head Candy Collection


The 50’s

Hair: Robin Dorton
Models: Allie Robinson, Jessica Minton, Brendan Moffat

The 1950’s were booming. Booming economy, babies were booming and the new suburbs were booming. Elvis was King, James Dean was our hero, and Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe won our hearts on the big screen. Circle skirts with soft sweaters, wool coats, Levi’s and the classic white tee were the favorites of fashion, with perfectly coifed updo’s and roller set styles keeping women looking their best while they kept the house clean and the tummies full. But life wasn’t all poodle skirts and sock hops. Rosa Parks made history in the 50’s, while paving the way for Civil Rights. The Cold War threatened our way of life and communists were not to be trusted. Yet with all that is happening in today’s society and the global threats we see on the news every night, wouldn’t it be so  peachy to just get dolled up and head to the drive in for a soda pop with James, Audrey, and Marilyn?



Jess (Marilyn Monroe Remix)Jess before and after 1a web

Kristin decided that a modern day Marilyn wouldn’t just be a normal platinum blonde, but to give her a real Head Candy remix, she would have to be more of a Rose Gold with light violet accents! She prelightened her hair and then toned her with a custom mixed toner for that perfect modern rose-violet platinum! Her styling was kept more classic, close to the original, but with more modern movement and softer curls. We love the results!






Allie before and after 1 web

Allie (Audrey Hepburn Remix)

Robin loved Allie’s look from the second she first saw her picture, and just knew that she would make the perfect modern day Audrey! She is cute as a button and an absolute sweetheart so she fit the role perfectly! Robin thought that a more updated Audrey wouldn’t just have solid dark brown hair, but would probably love the uber modern balayage highlights that all the darker-haired celebrities are wearing now. So she hand-painted lots of balayage highlights around Allie’s face and crown area, toning with a rich warm medium brown for a perfect sun-kissed look! Then she cut the dead ends off the bottom and gave her long layers with a straight razor cut with plenty of face-framing to really open up space and add lots of movement to the hair.




Brendan (James Dean Remix)

It’s not often that you put a call out for a male model that can pull of playing the role of an icon like James Dean, while being open enough to let you have your way with his hair. For several months Robin looked everywhere. She searched through her network of models, contacted a few local agencies and photographers, sent a mass text out to everyone she knew, and came up with nothing. Then one day she called her husband at work and told him to check out all the servers at his restaurant and see if anyone could possibly fit the bill. He sent a picture of Brendan and that was that. Not only does he obviously have those rugged good looks, but he also let her cut his hair any way she needed to for this photo shoot. He turned out to be the perfect model for this role, and we are quite sure you will be seeing his face again in future shoots here at Head Candy, and possibly other places too. A star just might’ve been born!





We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane! Enjoy the rest of your stay at the soda counter!!