The 60’s Head Candy Collection

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 Fall Winter Head Candy Collection The 60’s

Several times every year the entire staff gets together to work on a new collection, and it is hard to believe that this is only our 2nd full collection together! I spend a few weeks carefully thinking about a theme that will not only inspire the entire staff, but will also inspire our clients, and will showcase the team’s talents, along with the ability to display the latest trends in cut, color, and styling. I announce the theme at our twice-yearly team meeting, and have everyone draw names to choose their teammates. The staff knows there is always a method to my madness, and I like having them choose teammates randomly so they get the opportunity to work with new people on a regular basis. It is great for moral and team building, and helps everyone to learn and grow by constantly working with different people.

The theme this time was vintage styles. We randomly chose decades from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and gave them a “Candy Remix” or a modern update. Since vintage styles are always coming back around again, I thought it would be a fun way for the team to put their own personal twist on updating these classics with a more modern edge using today’s techniques. We get so many requests for vintage styling, especially for weddings, and there seems to be a major surge of vintage adoration everywhere we look. With shows like Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Masters of Sex, and Downton Abbey, everyone seems to be longing for more simple times and classic beauty.

This time we called in a very special makeup artist that I’ve worked with on several projects before. She is amazingly talented and I absolutely adore her! I wanted to give Chrissi the opportunity to be a part of assisting the rest of the team with styling for the day and to give her the chance to learn from one of the best makeup artists I know. We also decided to work with Jillian Kathryn Photography for our third project together, since we seem to be making such an amazing team!

We hope you love these vintage inspirations as much as we do and our Candy Remixes on the classics! We work hard to not just stay on top of the latest trends, but to also help start the next hottest trends to keep all of you ahead of the game! We absolutely love what we do and it wouldn’t be possible without you and your support!




We will be counting down the newest collection from the 90’s to the 50’s. So check back with us every few weeks to see the next decade in our trip down memory lane!

Only 2 more to go! Now is the 60’s!

The 60’s

Hair: Melissa Kenny and Jamie Tate
Models: Crystal, Sarah, Greg and Ryan

The assassinations of both President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., the Vietnam war, Civil Rights for African Americans, women, and gays were all part of the radical 1960’s. Hippies wanted peace and free love, women wanted equal pay, minorities wanted equal treatment. We had Janis Joplin, The Doors, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix giving us unheard of music that still stirs something in our souls. Flower power and the smiley face were found on everything. Elvis and The Beatles had millions of women screaming and passing out. In the summer of 1969, more than 400,000 hopeful people trooped to upstate NY to be part of a harmonious 3-days known as Woodstock. Throw on your finest fringe vest and put a flower in your hair as you groove along this peaceful journey!






Check back with us in a few weeks to see the 50’s in our last trip down memory lane!