Top Ten List of Hair Myths and Truths

Top 10 Myths vs Truths About Hairtop 10 myths

We made a list of the ten most common hair questions that we hear from our clients on a daily basis here at Head Candy and we wanted to take some time to clear things up! Here is our top 10 list!




10. Hair must be washed every day.tonic

MYTH! While bathing or showering every day is certainly a great idea, we do not recommend washing your hair every day! Three times per week is plenty but every other day is just fine as well. Don’t forget that hair is a fiber much like wool or silk. Think about that comfy wool sweater you have that starts to look worse and worse with every washing. If you have long, thick, coarse, or curly hair you can go even longer in-between washings. These hair textures tend to dry out and become frizzy due to lack of moisture. If you have an oily scalp, make sure you are using the proper shampoo that is meant to correct any scalp or oily issues and try to retrain your scalp by washing every other day. We love Bumble & Bumble Tonic shampoo for any oily or itchy scalp problems!

9. Trimming your ends will make your hair grow faster.masque

MYTH! Typical hair grows about ½” per month and trimming your ends won’t make your hair grow any faster. We still suggest getting regular trims to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy, but the only real factors that affect hair growth are genetics, hormones, diet, and the overall health of your scalp and hair follicles. To keep your ends from getting split or broken, avoid using heat from irons and blow dryers. If you do use heat on your ends regularly we recommend using products that protect your hair from those elements and doing shampooa regular moisturizing treatment to keep in good condition. Bumble and Bumble Quenching line is amazing for keeping your hair moisturized and there are quite a few great styling products that do double duty of helping to style and protect your hair from heat. When trying to grow hair, we love the Revita shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp and follicles at their optimum levels.

8. You can’t get your hair colored during pregnancy.

MYTH! Head Candy is always concerned with what our pregnant and nursing clients are exposed to in the salon but no studies have ever proven that hair color is dangerous for a developing fetus. We only use the highest quality hair color in our salon and all of the services we provide are completely free of formaldehyde. Please be sure to inform your stylist if you are pregnant and all of your concerns will be addressed. There are still plenty of options available, including our amazing Wella color glazes, which are perfectly safe for everyone and they are totally ammonia-free!

7. Wearing ponytails will cause premature baldness.home_display

TRUE! This may be surprising to most people but this is somewhat true! While an occasional ponytail won’t cause any harm, frequent super tight ponytails could lead to traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is a form of gradual hair loss caused by stress, tension, and regular pulling of the scalp and hair fibers. This type of alopecia can happen to anyone but is more common among women of color who wear their hair pulled tightly in braids, ponytails and extensions. Even parting your hair the same way for a long time can cause the part to widen which is another form of traction alopecia. The same goes for headbands, rollers, and excessive heat. Try using less tension in your ponytail and changing the way you part your hair every few weeks. And don’t forget to take your stylist’s advice on changing styles and shampoo and product recommendations!

6. Washing hair in cold water will make it shinier.shine

MYTH! Hair does not actually contain any living cells so it does not react to hot or cold water. The myth comes from the belief that cold water will make the cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair close so that it lays flat and helps to reflect light. Cold water will not close the cuticle layer of the hair- that requires a pH balancer to restore the hair to its most natural pH level. Many of the in-salon services can close down that cuticle layer, including toners, glazes, and several conditioning treatments. If you’re looking to add shine to your hair, we recommend getting a Wella glaze or glossing service which can even be done in a totally clear formula if you don’t want to change the color of your hair. We also love Bumble and Bumble “Let it Shine” shampoo and conditioner for at home use to get your hair extra shiny!

5. Hair loss and baldness comes from the Mother’s side.revita

MYTH! You can still blame your maternal grandfather for some of your hair loss but he can no longer take all of the blame! Research has shown approximately 200 different genes that regulate hair growth, coming from both sides of the family. There are also many other reasons why we lose our hair or go bald including diet, environment, sun damage, hormones, and several others. At the first sign of hair loss you need to start a regimen of using shampoo, conditioner and treatments specifically designed to help keep the hair that you have and prevent further loss. We carry the Revita line of products that are 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer. And talk to your stylist about the best ways to care for your hair and scalp.

4. Exposing your hair to sunlight is the best way to get natural highlights or lighten your hair.B1CK_152x358

MYTH! This is a total myth! UV rays are just as damaging to hair as they are to our skin! Those powerful UV rays can cause hair to lighten, but can also cause your hair to fade and can burn your scalp! Hair is not a shield or protective barrier between the damaging sun and your sensitive scalp. With so many safe and affordable ways to lighten up or add eye-catching highlights to your hair, don’t risk the permanent damage that can be caused by the sun! Instead, opt for a subtle accent highlight that starts at just $20 and take home the amazing Bumble and Bumble Color Minded products with UV protection!

3. Your eyebrows should be the same color as your hair.

MYTH! The most natural look is for eyebrows to be 1-2 levels darker than the hair on your head. While you certainly can color your eyebrows to closely match your hair color, keep in mind that our eyebrows shed about twice as fast as the time needed for a root touch up. Most touch-ups are done every 4-5 weeks but eyebrows will need touched up in about 2 weeks. Even platinum blondes shouldn’t lighten their brows too much or you’d end up looking like you don’t have any brows at all! Keep your brows a bit darker and instead opt for filling in brows with a lighter colored pencil or powder.

2. If you’re planning to wear an updo for a special event, your hair should be slightly dirty.weddings

MYTH! This statement may cause many debates, even among different stylists and so-called magazine experts but at Head Candy we say it is a myth that dirty hair works best for formal styling! The main problem with this statement is that nearly every person has a different definition of the word “dirty”. Even though freshly washed and conditioned hair tends to be too soft for the texture and grip needed for doing a formal style or updo, we would rather just add that grip ourselves with products. We have no idea what products you are using at home and unfortunately most non-professional products are not meant to be layered. They can cause flakes or white spots when brushed out or touched with a hot iron. Once that happens there is no way of fixing it except to wash the hair, which then adds on a blowdry service at a cost of $30 & up, and adds an extra 30-45 minutes to the service time. We have the most amazing Bumble and Bumble products which stand the test of time all while layering, applying heat, and brushing backstage at NY Fashion Week and through countless shows and photo shoots. Most non-professional products can’t do the things that our products can do, which is why we use them. We are professionals that know how to make hair do what we need it to do. So we recommend coming to your updo appointment with clean dry hair. Use very little conditioner so your hair isn’t too soft, but leave the other products to us!

1. I Wouldn’t Look Good with Short Hair.

MYTH! There are so many different styles nowadays that anyone would look great with shorter hair! We just love when celebrities help to inspire our clients by cutting off their hair and sporting those modern, hip, and super sexy pixie cuts! When you have a great stylist you can easily trust them with helping you choose a short crop that would suit you perfectly. Be sure to start saving pictures of all the short styles you crave so we can get an idea of exactly what you’re looking for. Take the time to ask lots of questions and pay attention to the styling and products used to go with your new do. Whether you decide to go gradually shorter or just take the plunge and get a dramatic new makeover, we know you’ll love the freedom and ease of a great new short haircut!