Top Things Your Stylist Wants You to Know (but doesn’t want to tell you)

Top Things Your Stylist Wants You to Know (but doesn’t want to tell you)

Alexis & Tronisha showing great teamwork!
Alexis & Tronisha showing great teamwork!


Whether you want to call these things pet peeves, stylist secrets, or just information that you may not know, here is a list of the top things that your stylist wants you to know, but may not want to be the one to tell you!



1. If you’re trying to have a conversation with your stylist while they’re blowdrying your hair, they can’t hear you!

When the blowdryer is on, we can’t hear you! We may smile and nod to be polite, but we are secretly hoping that you’re not saying anything important because we can’t hear a word you’re saying over the noise of the dryer! If you have something to tell us that you really want us to know, wait until the dryer is off. While the dryer is going, just sit back and totally relax!!


Highlights and a trim on this gorgeous long hair by Payal!
Highlights and a trim on this gorgeous long hair by Payal!

2. If you want your hair to grow you need to have regular trims!

While it is a myth that regular trims make your hair grow faster, regular trims do help keep your hair in optimum condition for growth. When your ends split, they will continue to split up the strand until that hair breaks off. When more hairs continue to break, it creates very thin and straggly looking ends because there is a lot less hair at the ends.  Even if you get a tiny trim, or what we call a “dusting” every 2-3 months, you’ll maintain the hair you have longer and prevent further breakage.


3. Please don’t talk on your cell phone during your service.

It’s really hard to cut or color around a phone pressed against your ear. Talking loudly with the phone on speaker is rather rude and disruptive to our other clients that are trying to relax. Taking a long call and asking us to wait for you while we are on a tight schedule is abuse of our time and of our next client’s time. Please keep the cell phone use to a minimum during your service. You can use it before, while processing, and after!


4. Don’t bring young children to long service appointments.

If you’re coming in for a cut and need to bring your kids, we are ok with them being on their best behavior for an hour. If you are scheduled for color, we really prefer for them to stay home. Salons are not places that are entertaining for kids. We don’t have televisions or toys and they will get very bored waiting for you at your 3 hour appointment. We have expensive and sharp implements, chemicals, and clients that are paying for a relaxing experience.


5. Yes, these are magic wands and magic potions!

You know how every time you leave the salon you wish you could look and feel like that every day? Or you ask if you can take us home with you to do your hair for you every morning? You can! Sort of! There are a few reasons why your hair looks and feels so amazing when you leave the salon and why you can’t seem to duplicate it that way at home. First, the magic potions! We don’t magically change the texture or curl pattern of your hair. Yes it takes practice, but we also use products to manipulate it. The reason it looks so much thicker and fuller when we blowdry it isn’t because we wave a magic wand, it’s because of the $28 bottle of Thickening hair spray. When we get those unruly curls to lay perfectly smooth and shiny it’s partly because of the $29 tube of amazing Straight Blowdry cream.

Second, the magic wands! We use Ibiza brand $45 lightweight 100% pure boars hair bristle brushes with cork handles. They are the best brushes in the world. We have 10 stylists that have tried dozens of brushes over many years. We can all use & choose to sell any brushes we want. There are only 2 brushes on our shelves- Ibiza & the Wet brush.

So the reason your hair always looks amazing when you leave the salon isn’t because of magic. It’s because of science. high quality products, backed by science, tested by us, with proven results, along with the skill and practice of the person using them.


6. While we are on the subject, YES OUR PRODUCTS ARE BETTER than cheap drugstore knockoffs!

One word: chemistry. The highest expense in any industry is salary/personnel. When developing these amazing and magical hair products, the high paid chemists are working in the labs of brands like Bumble & Bumble, Oribe and Kerastase. These brands use high-quality ingredients and expensive patent-protected technology in their magic potions, which make them cost more. Brands like Pantene, Tresemme and Garnier may make similar knock-off versions of these products, but they are with cheaper ingredients and without the magical technologies found in the originators.


7. Please try to refrain from coaching us throughout the entire service.

If your previous stylist cut or highlighted your hair differently that’s great. Just don’t expect 2 people to do it exactly the same way. Different techniques can still give similar results and every stylist has their own method. Different approaches may simply be based on body posture due to different heights of stylists and whether or not they can reach the top of your head from a certain angle. There is no right or wrong, it is all just different techniques.


8. Coloring and lightening are NOT the same thing!

Technically speaking, they are the opposite thing. Coloring is depositing color- going darker or the same level and changing tone, or covering gray. Lightening is removing color- highlighting, blonding, lifting, etc. Knowing this information is important because….


9. Color doesn’t lift color

Amazing transformation from bleached out yellow with black lowlights to this soft bronde with highlights and lowlights by Robin!
Amazing transformation from bleached out yellow with black lowlights to this soft bronde with highlights and lowlights by Robin!

If you have any previous color on your hair it cannot just be lightened with color. If you have dark brown hair and you want light brown hair, you cannot just put light brown color on it. It will not lighten. The dark brown has to be removed first, before the light brown can be deposited. If the dark brown was an at home box color done more than once, it may take more than one removal process to lighten. This becomes a lengthy process. On average, every time you put a box color on your hair, it takes 20 minutes and 1 application of bleach or remover to lift it out. If you’ve colored your own hair dark brown 6 times, it could take 2-3 remover applications and approximately 2 hours to remove it. That still doesn’t guarantee that it will happen or that we would want to attempt it due to the potential damage it would cause. But that is just the minimum of time, labor and damage that will happen. Keep that in mind when wanting a light blonde color and you box colored your hair. It is not going to be fast and it is not going to be cheap.


10. Just because that is your “natural” color doesn’t mean you have “natural” hair.

Natural hair to a professional stylist means hair that has never been touched by a chemical. Hair grows at an average of 6 inches per year. If your hair is 24 inches long and you haven’t colored it in a year, you will have 6 inches of new growth and 18 inches of colored hair. It may look natural, but it isn’t. This is important for us to know so that we can formulate appropriately. It really doesn’t matter to us at all what you’ve done to your hair before. We don’t care if you colored it with Kool-Aid or magic markers. We’ve had clients that used shoe polish in desperate times! We’ve seen and heard it all before. So when we ask if your hair was previously colored, please be honest. We just want to give you the best results and your honesty is the key to help us make that happen. See #9 for further information on why!


11. Please don’t arrive with extra dirty hair for your color appointment.

Going 1-3 days without washing is perfectly fine and completely normal. 5-6 days or hair that is coated with lots of product is not ok. That much oil and product build up can actually interfere with the color penetration and we may need to prewash the hair before application.


12. Our time is literally our money.

Stylists work on commission. When you no-call, no-show, or call with less than 24 hours notice to cancel, we literally lose money. That messes with our livelihood. Since it is such a big deal, if it happens more than once the computer starts to put these fun red “X” marks on your client card. After 3 times you’ll be required to pre-pay for your next appointment, with no refund available if you don’t give at least 24 hours notice to cancel that appointment. We are completely understanding that emergencies happen sometimes but most cancellations and reschedules should be able to be done with at least 24 hours notice. Even your doctor’s office charges a fee when this happens. Just please be respectful that our time is our livelihood.


13. Please don’t come in when you are sick and contagious!

We are in such close contact with clients and will definitely get whatever anyone has. Stylists don’t get paid sick days so we can’t afford to get sick. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment rather than miss work for catching your germs!


14. Yes, we DO want to know if you are unhappy!20140716-185850-68330094.jpg

We can’t speak for other salon and we don’t know what previous experiences you might have had but we really do care and want you to be happy with your hair! We will be following this with our refund/redo policy exactly as it is written so you can see that we really mean it! If you need a few tweaks or fixes just let us know and we will happily do them for you. If something just isn’t working simply be polite and let us know!

Remember, we are human and try to do our very best every day and with every client. Sometimes a hair can be missed or a bang can be slightly too long, or you just want to go a bit shorter. It’s all perfectly ok and we are happy to fix any of these things for you! Just keep in mind there is a difference between something going wrong and changing your mind or having wrong expectations. In the end, we want you to be happy and our refund/redo policy is very generous.

Our Policy:

Although we strive to go above & beyond to make sure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the services that we provide, we understand that we simply cannot make everyone happy all of the time. What we offer is a personal service performed by a human, not a manufactured product or an exact science. Head Candy does have a policy that we will not refund services but we will gladly redo the services within 10 days at zero cost to you if you are ever unhappy, even if you choose to use a different stylist. If you are not 100% happy with the services you received at Head Candy, please contact the Owner Robin Dorton, a Manager, or Salon Administrator Heidi Shafer, and we will have it redone for you as soon as possible!

Bright semi-permanent colors (pinks, purples, Manic Panic, etc, are meant to wash out of the hair within a few weeks and will sometimes wash out immediately when colored over hair that is very fine or porous and has just gone through a prelightening process, especially if the proper shampoo is not used. Head Candy has a policy that we will happily recolor these bright colors on the original areas ONE time, within 10 days, minus the cost of product where applicable (Manic Panic). After that a product charge and toner charge will apply.


15. You’re not going to look like the picture you bring us for inspiration.jesb

Your hair will not look identical to any picture you bring in. You don’t have their hair, you’re not being photoshopped, using extensions, starting at the same point in the process, among many other factors. Pictures are a great thing to use as inspiration but they cannot be duplicated. They are for ideas, letting us know what you do and don’t like, and for getting a sense of your taste when you can’t quite put it into words. Please don’t have unrealistic expectations. Your hair is not going to look exactly like any picture you bring to us. Ever.




16. Color processes take time, sometimes hours, sometimes days, or weeks, or months.

Color correction by Robin. She gradually took this client from bleached out brassy blonde with dark stripes to a softer light brown with highlights, and then to a deep rich cherry brown!
Color correction by Robin. She gradually took this client from bleached out brassy blonde with dark stripes to a softer light brown with highlights, and then to a deep rich cherry brown!

Along the same lines of having realistic expectations with pictures, you also need to know how much time some services can take. Keep in mind these are based on averages, and do not account for long hair, thick hair, clients running late, or other unexpected delays. Those amazing makeover images that you see are not quick fixes. Most take 4-5 hours to complete, and some can even take a few weeks to transition from one look to another. If you are in a hurry, have dinner reservations, or are impatient and don’t want to sit for more than 2 hours, please let us know so we can set up a more realistic service schedule for you based on your timeline. Here are a few examples of the length of a single salon service (not including any other part of the salon visit); haircut- 30-60 minutes, touch up 90 minutes, glaze 30 minutes, partial highlights 90 minutes, full highlights 2 hours. So if you needed a color correction to go from dark brown to a light caramel brown with blonde highlights, you would need a color remover, 60 minutes, a full highlight, 60 minutes, with a full color/glaze 30 minutes, plus a toner 30 minutes. That’s 3 hours at the very minimum. Not including consultation time, mixing, shampooing, drying, conditioning, trimming, etc. On average, most dramatic color makeovers take 3-5 hours.



So there it is, a bunch of the information that your stylist wants you to know but may, or may not, want to tell you! We hope you’ve found this helpful and that it has given you some insight into the salon life! After all, if we don’t share this information with you and you don’t share the information with us, how can we build that great relationship that leads to amazing hair?!!